Meet the Pros

At Silvermere we have a choice of Golf Professionals for you to choose from. Each and every one has many years experience behind them to ensure you get the most out of your game.


Dave Aitchison

PGA Professional

I grew up learning to play the game of golf at the prestigious Royal Dornoch Golf Club.

As an amateur golfer I represented Scotland at international boys level before attending Louisiana State University (LSU) in the Unites States NCAA Division 1. After college I turned professional undertaking the PGA programme based at Hayling Golf Club in the South of England. Here I developed my passion for teaching the game.

I believe it is important to achieve a well rounded understanding of all the different skill sets required from long game, to short game, including the mental side of the game to develop the maximum potential.

I am heading into my seventh year at Silvermere. Please get in touch if you would like me to help develop your game

Please email for all enquiries: 


Mark Matthews

PGA Professional

I have greatly enjoyed coaching at Silvermere as a PGA professional for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about coaching and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, with the main reward seeing clients improve year on year.

I believe this is another great way to help realise your golfing potential.

If you’d like to discuss your coaching needs further, please contact me.

Email –

T – 01932 584384

M – 07877873441

I look forward to hearing from you…


James Ford

PGA Professional & Wedge Matrix Accredited Coach

I have been a PGA Professional for 7 years now and have been lucky enough to be around some of the leading coaches in the industry. 


I am still actively competing in the PGA South Region and had several professional victories in my career. 


My approach to coaching is to try and keep things as simple as possible. 


I specialise in short game and am a Wedge Matrix accredited instructor.


I am also a Trackman owner so all lessons have the option to technology and data used by the best players in the world. All short game lessons will have access to Pro V1 balls. 


Email –


Simon Peaford

PGA Professional

Since qualifying as a PGA Professional in 1993 I have spent 22 years working as the Teaching Professional and then Head Professional at Walton Heath Golf Club. I have enjoyed coaching golfers of all ages and abilities. I aim to help all my pupils achieve their golfing aspirations by setting realistic goals and working towards them, in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

My experience as a TPI Certified Golf Level 1&2, and Level 2 Junior Coach enables me to make improvements to players swings without the need to use any method-based coaching. I also use Hackmotion to analyse wrist movements during the golf swing and Trackman to provide accurate club and ball data.

In recent years, I have developed a reputation as a coach to many players who have reached County, Regional and Elite levels. I coach the Surrey Girls Under 18 Performance Squad and Surrey Girls U18 Development Squad.

So, whether you are a complete beginner, a club player or an aspiring Tour professional, I look forward to helping you achieve your golfing goals.


Mobile: 07949 167477


Nicky Sinclair

PGA Professional

As a qualified PGA professional now for over 10 years I have been been incredibly fortunate to work at some world renowned private golf clubs in the UK and America such as Prestwick in Scotland and Whisper Rock in Arizona USA. 

During these years I have been able to learn from multiple instructors and current PGA touring professionals which has been invaluable. 

One of the key elements I’ve learned to coaching is; it is much more than simply saying – “this is what needs to be done to improve”. It’s learning how you (my client) learns best. Do you learn more with verbal or video instruction? 

Do you learn better through drills or games? Golf is not one dimensional and your coaching shouldn’t be either. 

I look forward to working with you to improve your game; together we shall create an achievable goal to work towards, but ultimately strive to surpass it.

Nathan Saunders

PGA Professional

As a dedicated and inspirational golf coach with over 25 years’ experience I have become one of the most highly trained in the golf industry.

Coaching is my passion and I continually strive to improve my techniques and methods so to achieve the best possible results for all my pupils.

My role at Silvermere as a full time coach involves guiding committed pupils to reach their full potential. I focus on every aspect of my students game including swing mechanics, practice techniques, short game skills and on course coaching.

For all coaching enquiries including the opportunity of an 18 hole playing lesson experience please contact me at

Louis Nixon

PGA Professional

Please call 01932 584303 to book a lesson with Louis.


Michael Peregrin

PGA Professional

I have been working in golf for over 15 years and have been dedicated to coaching golf for over 10 years.  I love continuing to develop myself as a coach and keeping up-to-date with the latest research and ideas within the industry.  I am very interested in the mental aspects of golf and using data as a method of development.


I enjoy coaching golfers who are new to the game through intuitive beginner groups aimed to get new golfers on the course as fast as possible.  I also enjoy helping golfers understand their golf data and statistics to help them develop a plan to achieve their personal golfing goals.


I believe golf technique should be changed to influence the impact position to create the most repeatable ball flight possible.  I enjoy changing golfers swing technique without interfering with their individual swing DNA.


It would be great to hear from you and please use the below contact details to get in touch.


Julian Munks

PGA Professional & Retail Manager

I feel very lucky to have been involved in the golf industry for 30 years now and actively coaching players of all abilities, ranging from fellow Pros to absolute beginners, as a fully qualified PGA instructor for 27 years. Having been based at Silvermere for the entirety I have seen it develop into one the most fantastic golf facilities in the country and a perfect place to take up golf or hone your skills.


My approach to coaching has always been to try and keep the game as simple as possible. With all lessons I will use my iPad so the pupil always has a visual back up to the instructions,  in conjunction with the Hudl teaching app to again help simplify the message. Lessons are available on the driving range , short game area and also on the golf course.


Whether it is the start of your golfing journey or you are looking to get your handicap down please call me on 07985027294 or call the shop on 01932 584303 to book a lesson and help you to maximise your enjoyment from this fantastic ( sometimes frustrating) game of golf.

Ron Noel

PGA Professional

My approach to coaching is to make the most difficult game seem simple. In my 18 years experience I have taken great satisfaction in turning even the most ill co-ordinated into competent players. Whatever your ability let me improve your game through my extensive knowledge of the golf swing with clear concise instruction. I look forward to meeting you.


Neil Mawby

PGA Professional

Since joining the PGA in the year 2000, I have gained vast experience of the golf swing, teaching players of all ages and abilities. I started my training in the Midland Region at Kettering Golf Club, before moving to Hampshire 6 years ago. I joined Silvermere after a year working in Perth, Australia. My approach to the game of golf is to make it simple, enjoyable, and instill confidence in my pupils without loading them with too much technical information.

Paul Martin

PGA Professional

With 18 years in the golf industry I have been fortunate to work at some of the worlds finest clubs including Royal Dornoch & Royal Aberdeen. I also spent a couple of years in Egypt working closely with Experts developing golf academies.

When taking on new pupils I will always have an open approach in developing their golf. Golf is a complex game which can be made simple with the correct methods and expectations being applied.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to work with me.

Ben May

PGA Professional

Professional instruction which is uniquely designed for you.

By using the Every Ball Counts (E.B.C) method I can obtain personal statistics on where your strengths and weaknesses are in your game, and create practice plan to suit your specific needs. Find out more about EBC.

As a professional, I take pride in seeing my pupils improve. I aim to give all my lessons the ability and the knowledge to play better golf, and with my invaluable experience working with the PGA and European Tour players and all across the spectrum I have a unique training method.

I have been a PGA teaching professional for 18 years, in the US at Jack Nicklaus’s ‘The Bear Club’, the PGA National home of the Honda classic and at clubs all over the UK. Come and see me to find out more.

Jason Banting

PGA Advanced Coach

I am a full time coach. My commitment to develop golf at grass roots level is very important to me. I was awarded PGA Advanced status in 2006, with 29 years experience in coaching. I’ve coached former Ryder Cup player and multiple winner on the European Tour Steven Richardson along with a host of other European Tour players past and present. My excellent people skills and positive coaching style means my students are not just taught the technical aspects of the game but are instilled with the confidence and belief the game demands. Owner of GCQUAD launch monitor which is used in my Coaching, Technology & Data currently used by the Best players in the World


Jason Banting

Jason’s personal website


Rhys Walton

PGA Professional

I have been playing the game for over 20 years after being introduced to it by my father who is a former Ryder Cup player. My grandfather was also a Teaching pro and had a teaching style that I greatly admired. 


Teaching is a passion of mine as well as competing. My view is that every player can improve their game and reach their full potential with a simple approach. I believe all areas of the game hold an equal importance to bettering your score.

Lee Morris

PGA & Certified US Kids Golf Coach

Having focused on coaching the past 14 years including 5 years with the Cranfield Golf Academy I’ve built up a considerable knowledge on helping my pupils reach their full potential. With attending over 50 coaching seminars covering many subjects such as techinal , mental, biomechanics, practice habits and intuitive I’ve formed on holistic approach in my coaching and become an expert in my field.


Jordan Mo'thompson

PGA Professional

I have been a PGA golf professional for 5 years now and have worked with some of the worlds best golf coaches throughout the years.

As an amateur golfer I played for my county from the ages of 11-18 and turned professional swiftly after and developed my passion for coaching. I have taught all different abilities from juniors golfers to elite professionals. However all pupils are different and I still strive to improve my techniques and methods to achieve the best possible results for all my pupils.

I still competitively compete on the PGA south region tour as well as mini tours around England and Spain with numerous wins on the gecko tour. This gives me the understanding of how the player feels on the golf course and how to achieve the best possible out come under pressure.

For lesson enquires please get in touch via online or in the golf store.

Barry Young

PGA Professional

I have been playing golf for 35 years and turned professional in 1991. My coaching experience includes over 15 years at West Byfleet Golf Club, where I taught individuals and groups at all levels. During this time I was part of the Surrey Coaching team. I also spent several years at Knightsbridge Golf School, teaching beginners through to professionals.

I have worked with state of the art technology, including GC2 and HMT, but also rely on good old fashioned experience and a trained eye! Learning to play golf can be frustrating – my approach to teaching is to keep it simple, honest and to inject a little humour. It is a sport to be enjoyed, after all!

To discuss your coaching needs please email: or call/ text me on 07941 324624


Ian Campbell

PGA Professional

Having been a member of the PGA for the past 29 years I have seen and taught a wide variety of golfers, from complete beginners to scratch players and I believe every golfer can be helped and taught to hit the ball further and straighter but more importantly be more consistent. 

My journey into the PGA started at Silvermere in 1989 and I worked for a year before taking a position at Wimbledon Park Golf Club as an assistant professional and I started my PGA training and became fully qualified in 1994 and then I was appointed assistant professional at Sunningdale Golf Club. Having spent 4 magnificent years at Sunningdale it was time for me to take the plunge and look for a position of Head Professional, in 1998 I was appointed Head Pro at Calcot Park Golf Club and spent 10 years there before moving to Ashford Manor GC as Head Pro, now my life had gone full circle and I returned to Silvermere in 2017. 

I have been married to my wonderful wife Mellony since 1996 and I have two beautiful children Evie (2001) & Bryn (2005).

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your game.