Master Your Putt At Silvermere's Advanced Studio

Experience accuracy like never before with our Quintic Ball Roll technology, elevating your putting game at Europe's premier golf retail hub.

Elevate Your Putting Precision

Unbeatable Fitting Experience

The Wedge Range's inspiration traces back to renowned coach Mike Bender in America. In 2006, to hone Zach Johnson's wedge skills, Mike introduced concrete blocks for precise distance control. Initially, Zach took 168 shots to hit every block. With dedication, he reduced this to just 50 shots. This refined skill played a pivotal role in Zach's 2007 Masters win, where he birdied 11 of 16 par 5s.

At Silvermere, we've adapted this innovative training, making it accessible for all with larger, fewer targets. The challenge? Hit the designated yard targets in the least number of shots.

Advanced Quintic Ball Roll Technology

Dive deep into the mechanics of your putt. Our Quintic Ball Roll System, with its high-speed camera, offers instantaneous, accurate data on both the club and ball, ensuring you understand every nuance of your stroke.

Tailored Custom Fitting Experience

Our studio isn't just about technology; it's about personalisation. Spend up to 60 minutes with our experts, testing a myriad of putter variations, from head types to shaft necks, ensuring the equipment you walk away with is perfectly attuned to your style.

Expert Guidance At Every Step

Benefit from the insights of our trained staff, accredited in Quintic ball fitting. Their expertise ensures that every minute you spend in our studio brings you closer to the perfect putt.

Top Of The Line Equipment

Revolutionising Putting Analysis

Introducing the Quintic Ball Roll System - the epitome of precision in golfing analytics. This state-of-the-art system harnesses the power of a high-speed camera to meticulously track every movement of the putter and golf ball during impact. Catering to both right and left-handed players, it captures and analyses over 45 distinct parameters, offering immediate, graphical, and numerical insights. With Quintic, you get not just data, but actionable feedback, ensuring every stroke is a step closer to perfection.

Still Have Questions About Our Putting Studio?

Dive into our frequently asked questions to get a clearer understanding of the Silvermere Putting Studio experience. If you don't find what you're looking for get in touch below.

This will vary from brand to brand but we can advise further during the fitting and will confirm an approximate date upon ordering your item.

Head to the main front desk of the Golf Store and a member of the team will check you in and introduce you to your fitter.

We have a indoor fitting studio based in the Golf Store.

Using Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 System, over 45 variables are measured. Please contact the Golf Store at 01932 584323 if you’d like to discuss in more depth.

We have 3 Quintic Certified Instructors available to take you through the fitting process.

Depending on the stock availability and if the customer needs it on the day, this is often feasible. Custom fitted putter tailored on the day will need to be ordered from the supplier.

We have fitting kits for L.A.B, Ping, Evnroll, Oddesey and Scotty Cameron. However, we can fit any of the brands we carry in store.

Have More Questions?

We're here to help! For any additional queries or to dive deeper into any topic, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to putting perfection.