Discover Silvermere's Legendary Waters

Silvermere Lake boasts a diverse aquatic life, but it's our uniquely named Carp that stand out. Despite past challenges, our Carp now thrive, with some weighing over 30lbs.

Silvermere Lake: A Tapestry of History & Angling

Silvermere Lake, steeped in history and rich in aquatic life, offers anglers a serene yet challenging environment. The lake's diverse fish population is headlined by its legendary Carp, each uniquely named and revered by specimen hunters. With recent introductions of Carp surpassing the 30lb mark, Silvermere continues to uphold its reputation as a premier destination for quality fishing. Dive into an experience where nature's tranquility meets angling adventure.

Dive into the Silvermere Fishing Experience

Why Silvermere Lake is Every Angler's Dream

Diverse Fish Population

With over 50 species, including Pike (23 lb+), Bream (13 lb+), Eels (8 lb+), Tench (7 lb+), and more, the lake promises a rich fishing experience.

The Carp Challenge

Our Carp, some weighing over 30lbs, are not just fish but legends in their own right, offering a unique challenge to anglers.


With a limited membership of only 50, enjoy a serene fishing experience without the usual crowds.

Sustainable Fishing

Our ongoing stocking process ensures a healthy and diverse fish population for years to come.

Picturesque Setting

Surrounded by natural beauty, Silvermere offers a peaceful backdrop for a day or night of fishing.

Amenities at Your Fingertips

Benefit from on-site snack facilities, water availability, lockers, toilets, showers, and free car parking.

Ready to Cast Your Line?

Interested in experiencing the challenge of Silvermere's renowned Carp or exploring our abundant waters? Reach out to us to arrange your next fishing adventure. We're here to guide you every step of the way.