Short Game Areas at Silvermere

Improve your performance as you get closer to the hole

The Genesis of Precision Training

Elevate your skills with Silvermere’s Comprehensive Short Game Area. Silvermere offers a diverse range of short game areas, each meticulously designed to cater to every facet of your game. From realistic practice zones to all-weather putting greens, our facilities ensure you're prepared for every challenge on the course. Dive into the intricacies of the short game and refine your techniques with us.

Putting Perfection, Rain Or Shine

Experience Our All-Weather Putting Green

Crafted from high-grade nylon, Silvermere's artificial putting green delivers an authentic and consistent putting pace. The integration of sand with the nylon fibres not only enhances its realistic appearance but ensures a genuine putting feel. Whether you're honing your skills during the day or under the evening floodlights, this facility stands ready. Best of all? It's available for you to use, free of charge.

Master the Art of Short Game

Elevate Your Short-Game At Silvermere

The Wedge Range's inspiration traces back to renowned coach Mike Bender in America. In 2006, to hone Zach Johnson's wedge skills, Mike introduced concrete blocks for precise distance control. Initially, Zach took 168 shots to hit every block. With dedication, he reduced this to just 50 shots. This refined skill played a pivotal role in Zach's 2007 Masters win, where he birdied 11 of 16 par 5s.

At Silvermere, we've adapted this innovative training, making it accessible for all with larger, fewer targets. The challenge? Hit the designated yard targets in the least number of shots.

Short Game Area

The former 18th green has been transformed into a highly authentic practice short game area, featuring a diverse range of positions for honing your skills.

Grass Putting Green

The primary putting green is positioned behind the 1st tee and serves as the primary practice area for players before they start their round on the course.

Wedge Range

At Silvermere, our wedge range focuses on the crucial shots within 100 yards of the hole. With specific bays for target practice and varying distances, you can refine your skills and witness tangible improvements in your on-course scores. Challenge yourself each visit and elevate your game.

Discover Silvermere's Premier Driving Range

Elevate your game at our state-of-the-art driving range. Experience advanced Toptracer technology, practice under floodlights, and immerse yourself in a golfing environment designed for both novices and pros. Dive deeper into what our driving range offers and take your skills to the next level.