Specialist Coaching

Dive into Silvermere's group coaching sessions tailored for every golfer. Experience collective learning and elevate your game in a collaborative setting

Master the Art of the Short Game with James Ford

• Elevate Your Wedge Game. Dive deep into wedge techniques with a Wedge Matrix accredited instructor.
• Harness Advanced Technology. Benefit from Trackman insights, using data-driven methods favored by top global players.
• Adapt & Overcome. Learn the art of adjusting flight and spin, ensuring you're prepared for every challenge.
• Versatility in Play. Gain expertise in adapting your shots from varied lies, ensuring consistency and precision.

K-Motion 3D Capture Lessons with Harry Carne

• Measures players power signatures & 3D data
• Biofeedback software provides audio & visual checkpoints during your swing
• Used by over 50 of the top 100 coaches
• Assessment (3D capture & detailed plan for future lessons, 30 mins): £35
• Follow up lessons (60 mins): £85
• Range balls included

Elevate Your Game

One-on-One Coaching Awaits

While group coaching offers a collaborative environment to learn and grow, individual golf lessons provide a tailored experience, focusing solely on your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Dive deep into the nuances of your swing, posture, and strategy. Experience the difference of personalised attention and accelerate your golfing journey.