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Fishing at Silvermere Lake

Great to see Clanger at 42lbs on the morning of Thurs 31st Dec 2015, caught by Jon Betts.

In a bid to oxygenate the water in the summer and to stop the lake freezing in the winter we have installed two fountains on the lake. We are pleased to help the fishing and we hope you’ll agree that it adds to the picturesque landscape.

Silvermere lake is famous for its historic fish. There is an abundance of Roach, Pike and Perch present but the real stars of the lake are the Carp. All affectionately named and reaching weights of 45lb the Carp are renowned to offer a challenge to the dedicated specimen hunter. After a hard few winters and a number of fish not able to pull through the freezing temperatures we have introduced more Carp to the lake which have now been captured over the 30lb mark.

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Fishing Testimonials
  • During my time fishing Silvermere I was lucky enough to catch some of the stunning Carp present, including the largest resident ‘Clanger’ at over 44Lb. When I started fishing there I was surprised by the lakes shallowness and silt, it offered a new challenge and improved the way I fish. During the colder months I loved to pop into the Inn on the Lake for a hot meal and recharge the batteries – highly recommend the Full English breakfast too.
    Ben Barr