Silvermere Fitness Studio

We have partnered with a team of experienced instructors who run a mix of classes to work on flexibility, strength and fitness at Silvermere Golf Complex.

Personal Training & High Intensity Fitness Classes

From SB Fitness at Silvermere Golf Complex

If you’re a lady who would love to finally get into great shape and have more energy for 2017, then Silvermere has a HUGE announcement for you. We have partnered with award winning fitness company Supreme Being Fitness experts in body transformations.

Their entirely unique system of nutrition coaching, fitness sessions and accountability have won them business and fitness awards alike.

Headed up by a former Armed Forces soldier, Roice Gummer, and supported by the Head Coach, also former Armed Forces, Daniel Cox. The company sets itself apart from a gym by providing clients a level of support that relates directly to achieving their goals. Their private training sessions are available on a membership basis here at Silvermere Golf & Leisure Complex.

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Roice Gummer


Danny Cox

Yoga & Pilates at Silvermere

Pilates and yoga style sessions that hone in on the torso and sling muscles. The Yoga and Pilates sessions at Silvermere provide you with the vital ingredients for a stronger body, realigned posture and an improved golf game.

  • Focused small group sessions
  • Individual attention in one to one format available
  • Improve golf flexibility

June McLucas

07970 093887
[email protected]

Debbie Dore

07949 051778 [email protected]

Andrea Islas

07590 807130

The Stud1o is Silvermere’s boutique gym. A light and airy space that offers a holistic approach to fitness through high quality sessions delivered by top fitness professionals.

Our structured approach to fitness allows you to work you way to a lean, functional physique. We enable you to turn areas of weakness into strengths at any point of your journey.

Day Time Instructor Class Price
Monday 9:30am-10:30am June McLucas Improvers Pilates £15.00
Tuesday 9:30am-10:30am Andrea Islas Yoga for Beginners & Golfers £10.00 (1st class free &  £8.50 per/class for a block of 5)
Thursday 9:30am-10:30am Debbie Dore Beginners Pilates £14.00  (£72 for 6 class pass (to be taken over 7 weeks)
Thursday 10:45-11:45am Debbie Dore Improvers/Intermediate Pilates  £14.00  (£72 for 6 class pass (to be taken over 7 weeks)

Improver Pilates An improvers matwork class that will gradually progress to incorporate some High Intensity Pilates.
Yoga for beginners & golfers Introduction to some fundamental yoga poses, creating healthy alignment and establishing deeper awareness of breathing. Will help golfers improve posture, balance, flexibility, strength, breathing and concentration.
Beginners Pilates This class is aimed at those new or relatively new to Pilates. Classes will aim to increase your core control and improve your posture and flexibility. It is the ideal platform for those wanting to restore musculoskeletal health or improve their sporting performance.

Unlock Your Physical Potential & Golf Rehabilitation with Peter Haling

Peter is an experienced health & fitness professional who takes pride in helping you look, feel and perform your best.

During Peter’s active career as a semi-professional basketball player he got fascinated by injuries and wanted to know why so many people got injured. His own injuries sent him on a quest to learn more about injury and dis-ease so that he could heal from his own chronic knee injuries. The most amazing healing he achieved was when he started eating right for his metabolic type and exercise to his own physical needs. Within 5 weeks his MRI showed no inflammation whatsoever as where in the beginning his tendons were seriously deteriorating and inflamed. From that moment on, Peter knew that nutrition, lifestyle and a highly individualised exercise programme would play a large roll in rehabilitating his clients. Studying Metabolic Typing has also given Peter an amazing tool to help clients lose weight and feel more vital.

Hit Longer & Keep Playing for Longer

Everybody wants more power in their golf swing BUT you can’t fire a canon from a canoe. Inexperience trainers often focus too soon on developing POWER. It is crucial that you are grounded and stable in order to support your power.

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Please contact Peter to discuss your fitness requirements.

Peter Hailing Fitness Coach

Peter Hailing

[email protected]
07742 299381
Peter is trained by the Titleist Performance Institute