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Silvermere Putting Studio

Silvermere are excited to offer dedicated putter custom fitting in our new putter studio using Quintic Ball Roll technology 

Silvermere Golf Store has established itself as the ultimate shopping experience for golfers. Home to various National Custom Fitting Centres, the 8,500 sq.ft. Golf Store is officially recognised as the busiest retail outlet on any golf complex in Europe.

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the new putter studio at Silvermere Golf in Cobham

Quintic Ball Roll System

SIK Golf Quintic system

What is Quintic Ball Roll?

Quintic Ball Roll Systems offer fast and accurate information for both the club and ball, without any attachments affecting either the club or the player!

Quintic Ball Roll utilises a high-speed camera (360 – 1080 frames per second) to track the putter and golf ball throughout the impact zone of either a right handed or left handed player. The system automatically measures over 45 parameters regarding the putter and ball, both graphically and numerically. The data is instantly displayed within the software for immediate analysis, review and intervention.

Your Experience

Our putting studio is the perfect setting for testing a range of putters and fine tuning head types, shaft neck, lengths and lie angles to dial in the best performing equipment for you.

  •   60 minutes fitting for putter*
  •   Quintic Ball Roll Technology
  •   Putter variations in head, shaft neck & grip
  •   Ball of your choice for the fitting
  • PGA Professional / Quintic ball fitting accredited staff

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