Every Ball Counts

The word’s first science based statistic system for golf founded by Darren May. Formally the director of teaching at Silvermere, Darren currently resides in Jupiter, Florida, where he is the director of instruction at the Bears Club coaching PGA Tour players, with the likes of Kevin Streelman, Camilo Villega  and Cameron Tringale.

Are you looking to…

Take your greatest range session to the golf course?

Improve the quality of your practice?

Reduce your handicap or aspire to PGA events?

Train the way the top player train?

Be in complete control of your goals?

Aspire to be the best you can be?


  • Reduce handicap
  • Quantifiable
  • EBC teaches the player to perform the same golf swing whether in practice, club championships or the masters.
  • Individualize a program for each player based on their goals and skill set
  • Improve in the most efficient way possible using science and data.
  • Premium coaching experience exclusive to Silvermere & Europe

“At the end of the day, our program is only as good as its results. 
That’s just one reason we like to eliminate mystery, chance and luck from the game.”

  • I have recently started working with Ben and EBC, about 5 months ago. In that time Ben has analysed my strength and weaknesses, in order to decide where we should start. Consequently we found my putting and short game was not good enough so we have been working hard on that, the results are showing already as my handicap has been cut from 10 to 5, in this short space! We haven’t just been working on short game we vary the lessons to improve each area, normally we work in one of the studios with a launch monitor, this is where Ben is an expert helping me to understand and develop my game while improving my knowledge of my numbers that I generate. Overall I think that Ben is a very very good coach, is very dedicated with early starts and late evenings and I believe that Ben has a brilliant understanding of each aspects, be it putting, short game and long game along with preparing you mentally.


EBC – Every Ball Counts

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We don’t just change how you play. We change you.