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About Doug McClelland

Doug’s long and illustrious career in golf began in earnest at the age of 16. It took only three years for Doug to progress from a handicap of 4 to the ranks of a professional golfer. Doug enjoyed continued success throughout the 1970s finishing as runner up at the British Matchplay in 1972, going on to represent England that same year. He won the Dutch Open in 1973 earning an enormous £2,800. Luckily he didn’t let all that money go to his head. Instead, Doug went from strength to strength shooting a low score of the day at the British Open and playing in the World Open at Pinewood.

Doug gained representative honours for Great Britain as they took on and beat Japan in 1974. However, in 1977, after coming close in the Zambian and New Zealand Open, he was £153 short and one spot away from making the Ryder Cup team. Of course he offered to pay the difference himself, but unfortunately they didn’t bite.

In 1978 Doug joined Laleham as the club professional and went on to win the Southern Professional Championship at Eastbourne in 1981. In 1982 he also won the Sunningdale Foursomes playing alongside Neil Coles and pipping Carl Mason and John O’Leary to the post.

Away from the golf course he married an American and spent a lot of time in the States. Whilst there he discovered how successful the big discount stores could be. The Doug McClelland Golf Superstore dream was born, using the big discount stores in the US as a template for success. He allied these ideas with the fantastic customer service that has become synonymous with his golf store.

Doug’s now been at Silvermere for 32 years as it quickly became his flagship store and it continues to thrive to this day.

Doug’s Update

I was extremely fortunate to receive an invitation to this years Masters and I have to say it exceeded all my expectations!! What a venue and what a golf course. No stone is left unturned to make it the best tournament in the world. After watching it on television for the last forty-odd years I could not believe the elevation changes, the undulating greens, how tall the trees were and the size of the bunkers. I know equipment changes have made the game a lot easier for professionals, but these guys are so good! Some of the holes are simply breathtaking. The place has an aura I have never experienced anywhere before!

Tiger knew his way round and the way he managed the back nine won him the tournament. With two of his favourite courses the venue of two of the last three majors I would not bet against him adding to his total of 15.

It was great for golf that he won. I must say when I saw the course he came into my reckoning. His record around there is nothing short of amazing and I would go as far to say it would be almost impossible for someone to win there first time out.

It has set the tone for the golfing season and with the next 3 Majors May, June and July… I will be glued to the TV.

Could he do the Grand Slam to equal Jack’s record?

Highly unlikely I feel but would love to see it.

Good golfing,

Doug McClelland